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Keneshia Raymond


Keneshia Raymond is the cofounder of Curvy Unicorn an online Wedtech based plus size wedding dress company that celebrates curvy brides. Keneshia has been active in the wedding community for over 8 years as a planner & wedding designer she also founded Enchanted: The Wedding Event & Blissful Creatives: an online education resource and creative strategy agency focusing on helping creatives launch, grow and strategy for wedding creatives. Kay is a speaker & educator and recent author, when she is not working you can find her dancing, surfing, reading or enjoying sometime with family .


Kellie Daab


Kellie Daab is the owner of iDo Collective and provides wedding business architecture services to wedding industry professionals. She is also a mom of 3, and a lover of all things Parisian. Kellie is a published author, business consultant, and speaker in the wedding industry. After 12 years in the wedding industry, Kellie is excited to be a plus activist and co-founder of Curvy Unicorn Bridal.

Leslie Wong


Leslie Wong is the Founder and CEO of Burgundy Fox, an e-commerce brand on a mission to celebrate all bodies and empower women. After experiencing how unenjoyable lingerie shopping was, she set out to create a more modern and inclusive experience that celebrated all women’s bodies and minds. Leslie’s 10 years of marketing experience and service on the Rising Tide Society’s Creative Council, pushed her to follow her intuition and combine her passions: entrepreneurship, female empowerment and intimate apparel. Outside Burgundy Fox, Leslie practices vinyasa yoga, soaks in business and entrepreneurship content, and enjoys a good Negroni cocktail. Learn more at Burgundy, Burgundy, the Seamless podcast and their Spotify playlists.

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