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A unicorn is born


67% of women are curvy! But not even 10% of the wedding dresses in a standard bridal boutique or online are available to curvy brides!


The #1 concern of every curvy bride? Her wedding dress!


You’re afraid that you won’t find anything you love that actually fits you! You’re even more afraid that you’ll have to settle for something you only kind of love because it’s what’s available to you! It’s exhausting and disheartening and not at all what a bride should feel like when selecting her gown!


We’re tired of it too!


Over our combined 20 years in the wedding industry, Kellie and Keneshia, your curvy co-founders, have seen and felt the struggles of plus size brides! In fact, we’ve felt them ourselves!


When it was time for Kellie to search for the perfect wedding gown, the only dresses she was able to try on were straight from the early 90’s and didn’t look at all like the modern glam bride she wanted to be! Instead, a sales associate tried on her dress and posed for pictures. It was heartbreaking! This is not the experience brides should have when searching for their wedding dress!

We believe every bride should feel absolutely fabulous about her body AND her dress buying experience!


We believe every bride should feel absolutely fabulous about her body AND her dress buying experience. And that’s why Curvy Unicorn was born!


By combining our strengths in the wedding industry and experience launching successful bridal brands we’re taking the bridal fashion industry by storm! And we’re doing it in a PLUS kinda way!


Curvy Unicorn Bridal will be the exclusive online retailer of wedding dresses designed with the curvy girl in mind. We know you – we are you! We keep designing dresses and lifestyle products that are made with your unicorn body in mind!


Each order is custom made to your measurements with high quality fabrics and materials by our in house designers. After you place your order, you’ll receive a sample of the fabrics to touch and carry with as you eagerly anticipate the arrival of your gown.


Once your gown is complete, our team checks it for quality assurance, steams it, and packages it just for you. Because every woman needs a “Pretty Woman” experience with their wedding dress.


We know that ordering your wedding dress online is a big deal! We also know you might be nervous that it won’t be what you’re looking for or that it’s the quality you were expecting! That’s why- as curvy co-founders, we want you to know who we are, the process by which your dress is created, and what to expect when it arrives. If it isn’t what you expected, hop on a call with the team at Curvy Unicorn for a video conference to try on your dress and discuss how it can be altered! If it truly doesn’t work for you, you haven’t made any alterations, and it’s within 7 days of arrival we’ll take it back! With a 100% guarantee!


As we continue to the grow Curvy Unicorn, we’re planning to offer products every curvy bride needs. Garters, Wide Width Wedding Shoes, Capes, and Bridal Accessories. We’ll become your one stop shop for all things curvy + wedding!


We can’t wait to show you the new designs and welcome you to Curvy Unicorn Bridal!  



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